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About Complain Handling System

DFGG project aims to assist the RGC reform process by encouraging and enabling demand-side citizen involvement in governance and social accountability processes, as well as building the capacity of participating SIs to better respond to demand-side concerns, it is especially important that the design of all project components incorporate mechanisms and processes to address complaints that may arise in the course of project implementation, as a result of their activities or omissions therein.

The DFGG Project, although time-bound, will therefore establish a Complaints Handling System (CHS) that will receive and act upon complaints from citizens or organizations in written, verbal or electronic form in relation to any occurrences for which the DFGG Project is directly responsible (or believed to be responsible), and which are perceived by the aggrieved party, regarding project activities and conduct of staff, consultants, partners, and sub-contractor of the six IAs, directly or indirectly supporting the project or associated with its implementation funded through DFGG project, which the complainant believes is wrong, either under the law or on the grounds of unacceptable behavior, involved corrupt, illegal, unjust, or unfair activities, omissions, or behavior.

Complaint Handling Committee

Complaint Handling Committee has been established for ensuring fairness in the handling of complaint.

1. Project Director of Project Coordination Office: Chair
2. Internal Auditor of PCO Member
3. Project Director of TAF Member
4. Executive Director of ACF Member

Key Steps and Processes of the CHM

Complaints may be made by or on behalf of an individual, community, or organization to PCO or IAs:


  1. Project Coordination Office (PCO): Ministry of Interior/Room 214, 275 Tel: 023 726 956, Fax: 023 987 082, E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , www.dfggmoi.gov.kh

  2. One Window Service Office (OWSO): First floor of Department of Local Administration, Ministry of Interior Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassac, Cham Kamorn, Phnom Penh. www.owso.gov.kh

  3. The Asia Foundation (TAF) House No. 59 Oknha Peich (St 242) Phnom Penh, Cambodia P.O. Box 536 PTA Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: 855 (23) 210-431, 855 (23) 210-431 Fax: 855 (23) 217-553. www.dfgg-nsac.org

  4. The Arbitration Council Foundation (ACF) #72, Street 592 corner of 327, Sangkat Boeung Kok II, Khan Tuol Kok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tel: 023 881 814; 023 881 815, SAC Fax: 023 881 824, ACF Local/ International Fax: 023 881 918. www.arbitrationcouncil.org


Receipt of all submissions will be acknowledged by DFGG within five working days. Consideration of valid complaints by the Complaints Committee will occur within 30 working days. Additional time may be required for negotiation with aggrieved parties, but resolution should not exceed 45 working days.

Information about the CHS, the alternative ways to access it, and regularly up-dated summary of recording including outcomes, and details of time taken to consider and resolve the complaints will be posted on the DFGG Project website, Project orientation activities, Project publications and the media that will be available to stakeholders.

Citizens submitting complaints may request anonymity, in which case their names will not be made public through the website or released to the media. Confidentiality will also be observed during the period in which the Complaints Committee is considering a case (e.g., the source and any person, company or entity accused of wrongdoing should be protected).

In the even that a positive resolution of a complaint can not be reached within 45 working days and no explanation is provided by PCO as to why further time is needed to adequately consider the case, or if the aggrieved party is unsatisfied with a decision of the Complaint Committee, the matter may be referred to the next meeting of Project Coordination Group (PCG). If the PCG can not resolve the issue, the PCG will refer the matter to the Minister of Interior for resolution.

In addition, incidents of corruption in relation to the use of DFGG project funds, including unsound procurement activities, or improper use of equipment procured or purchased with DFGG funds. The case can also channel to the Government’s anti-corruption working group established in MONASRI. At any time, a complainant retains the rights to utilize the Cambodian court system.

Complaint Update

In this section, CHO will keep update the information regarding to complaint in the DFGG’s website and send directly to their e-mail address.

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