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As the project’s Executing Agency (EA), the MOI, will have a coordinating role, working closely with the IAs to ensure that the project’s overall development objectives are achieved. To this end, it will establish the Project Coordination Office (PCO), the multi-agency Project Management Team (PMT), and the Project Coordination Group (PCG). The MOI will manage the Annual Work Plan cycle, coordinating preparation and implementation of work programs and budgets. The PCO will serve as the Secretariat of the PCG, promoting information-sharing across IAs and addressing implementation problems as they arise. It will ensure attention to project fiduciary (audit, procurement and financial management), safeguard (environmental and social), and governance (anti-corruption and risk management) issues, providing capacity building assistance to IAs in areas of common interest. It will also serve as principal liaison with the Bank, facilitating project supervision, providing periodic progress reports, and organizing an Annual Review of Project Implementation (ARPI). And, as part of its coordination role, the MOI will also be charged with ensuring complementarities and harmonization with other donor programs of relevance, through mechanisms such as the ARPI, the Annual Good Governance Forum, and periodic meetings and assessments.

overall institutional structure

As EA, the MOI will, inter alia, have the following roles responsibilities: 

  • have specific authority and responsibility to act on behalf of the Government to administer the grant and provide timely management and audit reports to the Bank;  
  • coordinate the overall implementation of the Project, and facilitate interactions among all IAs, and between these and IDA; 
  • facilitate the implementation of all components of the Project in accordance with the Financing Agreement, Subsidiary Agreements, Project Agreements, and Royal Decrees and Sub-Decrees;  
  • ensure accountability for all financial aspects of the Project, for itself and all other IAs and ensure compliance with all financial covenants and other obligations in the various agreements referred to above; 
  • interpret requirements of the various agreements with the Bank, MEF and IAs, seeking any amendments in light of project implementation experience, and updating the PIM for any subsequent approved amendments; 
  • submit to the Bank various reports by dates stipulated in the Financing Agreement and subsidiary agreements; 
  • propose terms of reference for external audit, seek Bank NOL, and facilitate appointment for independent auditor in consultation with MEF; 
  • ensure that all Designated Bank accounts agreed for project implementation are established in consultation with MEF and are properly operated; 
  • ensure that the agreed environmental and safeguard guard policies agreed are implemented; 
  • ensure that all IAs carry out the provisions of the Bank’s Anti-Corruption Guidelines; 
  • ensure that functioning Complaints Handling System is maintained; and 
  • act as the focal point for interaction with the Bank and the Bank’s visiting Task Teams.

In discharging these functions, the MOI will establish the following key bodies and offices, which will be responsible for overall coordination and management of project implementation: 

  1. The Project Coordination Office (PCO)
  2. The Project Coordination Group (PCG)
  3. The Project Management Team (PMT)


Coordination Meeting hosted by Ministry of Interior

(Second Implementation Support Mission from February 1-24, 2010)

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