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Learning Note

1. Holding government to account or helping government out? (Download)
2. Establishing Grant Making Committees (Download)
3. Beneficiary and Third Party Monitoring of District Services (Download)
4. Gender Balance and Bias (Download)
6. Issues and Options for Staffing Citizen Service Centers (Download)
7. Why Lesson Learning is Not So Easy (Download)
8. Project Disclosure (Download)
9. Delegating Functions to Citizen Service Centers (Download)
10. Embracing Principles of Good Governance (Download)
12. A Window of Transparency (Download) 
14. Are women benefiting and are women engaged? (Download) 
Policy Note : The Strategic Plan for Social Accountability in Sub-National Democratic Development (Download) 

Disclosure Workshop has been held on March 06, 2012 by DFGG/MOI cooperated with MEF. The aim of disclosure is to improve credibility, efficiency, public engagement, level playing field for contractors, sound decision making, anti-corruption, public services and return on public investment.

Disclosure is a priority of the RGC. It is part of good governance which is at the core of the rectangular strategy. The MOI has been made responsible for the improvement of good governance, transparency and thus disclosure. The Disclosure workshop is part of a bigger effort to improve transparency.

The aim of disclosure is to improve credibility, efficiency, public engagement, level playing field for contractores, sound decision making, anti-corruption, public service and return on public investment. In the end, the whole society stands to gain because better disclosure results in better use of public funds, which in turn leads to more and faster development. Principles for disclosure include maximum disclosure, promotion of the availability of information, limited scope of exceptions, facilitate access, protection of whistleblowers.

Disclosure in the Good Governance Framework: Roadmap for Improvement

The establisment of Project Coordination Group (PCG)



The First Meeting of PCG. The meeting was held on March 17, 2009 in Ministry of Interior and chaired by H.E Ngy Chanphal, Secretery of State, Ministry of Interior and as Project Coordinator. The Objective of the meeting is to declare officially the membership and mapping out the future activities.

The Establisment of Learning and Communication Focus Group (LCFG)


LCFG workshop to develop Work Plan

The First Meeting of LCFG was held on January 15, 2009 which the objective is to declare officially LCFG's membership and develop annual work plan activities for year 2009. The meeting . Membership :

Non-State Institution: SILAKA, GAD/C, PADEK, KIND, WMC, KYSD, CHEMS, VBNK, The New Life of Cambodia, Star Kampuchea, and Banteay Srei.

Project Management Team (PMT)

(Roles and Responsibilities)



Lessons Learned

  • Training Course 
    • Project Management
    • Communication Course
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Finance Management
    • Procurement
    • Critical Thinking
    • Report and Minute Writing
    • Standard Operation Procedure
    • Media and Communication
    • Disclosure in the Good Governance Framework: Roadmap for Improvement
  • Strengtening Partnership
    • Learning and Communication Focus Group (LCFG) members from civil society organization:
      • SILAKA Organization
      • Gender and Development in Cambodia (GAD/C)
      • PADEK
      • KIND
      • WMC
      • KYSD
      • CHEMS
      • VBNK
      • The New Life of Cambodia
      • Star Kampuchea
      • Banteay Srei
      • Gospel For Children
      • Youth Council for Cambodia
      • Independent Democracy of Informal Economic Association
    • Project Coordination Group (PCG) members:
      • H.E Paul PiDou, Deputy Secretary General of Council Administration Reform
      • Mr. Pen Thirong, Deputy Director, Investment and Cooperation Department, Ministry of Economic and Finance
      • Mr. Hing Chanmontha, Deputy Director General, General Planning Department Ministry of Planning
      • Mr. Samrith Chedtha thirum, Deputy Director of Financing Management Multiple Cooperation and United Nation Agency
      • Mr. Mam Sambath, Executive Director Development and Partnership in Action (DPA)
      • Mr. Kep Kannaro, Executive Director Padek Organization
    • Engagement with Civil Society Organizations
      • Participation in The 8th Annual NGO Fair 2009 and National PECSA Networking Event (17-18 November, 2009)
      • Participation in critical events: Land Law Dissemination organized by Khmer Youth and Social Development Organization (KYSD)

Sharing Lessons


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