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Theme 10: Local Conflict Resolution

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I Objective:
Provide MoI with policy options to devise a legal framework on local conflict resolution (decrees, sub-decrees, and guidelines) and identify gaps in knowledge and skills with the actors who assist with conflict resolution under the Organic Law.


The policy options should address all current challenges faced by the Legislative Council. These challenges include but are not limited to:
1 At what administrative level (Province, District, Commune, Village) is local dispute resolution most needed?
2 What are the necessary characteristics and minimum standards for local dispute resolution systems? (fairness, reliability, availability, robustness, cost, capacity of actors, etc.)
3 What systems of local dispute resolution are currently being used?
4 What systems of local dispute resolution meet these characteristics and standards?
5 How can these systems be supported or replicated?
6 What systems of local dispute resolution can be formalized through National legislation?
7 What are the scope and the type of cases (jurisdiction) that these systems of local dispute resolution are considering? How will the legislated system interact with other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms?
8 What is the role of the Provincial and District Councils? What is their capacity to play this role? What are the risks?
9 What other actors will have a role in the systems of local dispute resolution? What is their capacity to play this role? What are the risks?
10 What are the steps and costs involved to setting up and maintaining these systems of dispute resolution? What are the costs to the users?
11 What is the relationship between the local system of dispute resolution and the formal justice system? What is the relation between the legislation for the Councils' role and other mechanisms for ADR?
12 What is the capacity gap of the councilors and other actors to ensure local disputes resolution meets minimum standards?

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