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Procurement Notice Goods (Febraury 29, 2012)

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PROCUREMENT NOTICE (As of February 29, 2012)


The Ministry of Interior

Demand For Good Governance Project (DFGG)

Project Coordination Officer (PCO)

IDA Grant No H4410-KH


The Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) has recognized the importance of strengthening governance in its National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2006-10 and in the Rectangular Strategy (RS) 2004-08. The RGC has also publicly recognized that “achieving good governance will require the active participation and commitment of all segments of the society, enhanced information sharing, accountability, transparency, equality, inclusiveness, and the rule of law” (RGC 2004). A number of key government policy documents, such as the RS, the Governance Action Plan, and the Decentralization and De-concentration (D&D) Strategic Framework recognize the helpful role civil society can play in governance processes.


The DFGG Project is a response to the current RGC push for reform, and has been approved as a US$20 million-equivalent grant from the International Development Association (IDA). It will be implemented over a four-year period (2009-2013), under the general coordination of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) as the Executing Agency. Conceptually, ‘Demand for good governance’ (DFGG) aims to increase the extent and ability of citizens and other non-state actors (NSAs) to hold the state accountable, and to make it responsive to their needs. In turn, DFGG enhances the capacity of the state to become more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens.



Summary of Evaluation, Goods and Works Contracts

The result of bid evaluation is shown in the below table:


Name of Project:

Project Coordination Office (PCO), Demand for Good Governance (DFGG)

Project ID:

IDA Credit No.: Grant No. H4410-KH

Bid/Contract Description:

Accounting Software Solutions for 4 sites of DFGG project, Bid No. PCO/DFGG/11-G06

Scope of Contract:

The Supply of Office Equipments

Procurement Method:

National Shopping (Goods)

Contract Signature Date:

20th September, 2011

Awarded Bidder

Name of Awarded Bidder

Bid Price at Opening

Final Bid Price

T.O Computer

USD 5,885.20

USD 5,885.20

Evaluated Bidder(s)

Name of Evaluated Bidder(s)

Bid Price at Opening Bid

Price of Evaluated Bid

Chheang Hout Co.,Ltd

USD 7,607.20

USD 7,607.20

ANL Trading and Investment Co.,Ltd

USD 7,400.00

USD 7,400.00

Rejected Bidder(s)

Name of Rejected Bidder(s)

Bid Price at Opening

Reason(s) for Rejection




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