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TOR procurement coordinator

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Ministry of Interior
Demand for Good Governance (DFGG) Project

Position Title: National Procurement Coordinator
Classification: Contract position
Location: Project Coordination Office (PCO), Ministry of Interior
Reports to:
Project Manager and Project Director

I. Background

The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) is the Executing Agency for the World Bank funded
Demand for Good Governance Project (DFGG). The DFGG Project supports the governance
reform policies of the Royal Government of Cambodia. It is an exciting new project that will
support selected government institutions and civil society organizations to develop and
expand programs that promote good governance. Civil society organizations will be
encouraged to promote accountable and transparent government through partnership
approaches with state institutions and a competitive program of small grants. At the same
time, the DFGG project will support four state institutions to demonstrate innovative good
governance approaches, in partnership with civil society, that may generate lessons for wider
replication. The project hopes to encourage citizen demand or interest in governance issues
and to improve government responsiveness to feedback from the community.

The MOI established a Project Coordination Office (PCO) to support project preparation, and
plans to strengthen the capacity of the PCO through recruitment and training during the preimplementation
period. Government officers will be transferred into the PCO and key
positions will be filled by contracted professionals from outside of government. The PCO's
main role will be to manage the project and coordinate key activities among the participating
state institutions and civil society organisations. It will undertake centralised project
management and coordination functions in key areas of finance, procurement, monitoring and
evaluation, project reporting, learning, communications, human research management and
training. The government staff and contracted staff in the PCO will be supported by a range
of national and international technical advisors and consulting services in selected areas
where PCO capacity is weak and requires strengthening.

II. Position

PCO requires a National Procurement Coordinator based in the Ministry of Interior. The
National Procurement Coordinator will be responsible for providing professional assistance
to PCO to implement, coordinate, and monitor project procurement activities under the
Project in accordance with the agreed and applicable procurement procedures. In doing so,
he/she must work in close consultation and cooperation with PCO staff and all components of
DFGG. The consultant will work under the supervision and guidance of, and report to
Director of the Project.

The contract will be for an initial period of 12 months with prospects for extension into the
two-year implementation period subject to satisfactory performance.

III. Scope of Work
The consulting services will cover, but not be limited to, the following aspects and tasks:
Support for Procurement carried out by the International Procurement Agent (IPA)
1. As the primary responsibility of procurement will be with the IPA, the
consultant's role will primarily be to serve as the Project's focal point for
coordination with the IPA.
2. To assist PCO in identifying the procurement requirement and provide necessary
inputs for the procurement plan to the IPA. The Procurement Plan to be prepared
by the IPA will include contract packaging, cost estimates & delivery time (of
goods, works and consultant services), procurement methods, WB prior/post
review arrangements, and key procurement processing dates until completion of
each contract.
3. To assist the Project to review and approve the Procurement Plan updated and
submitted by the IPA to the Project on quarterly basis.
4. To provide procurement requirement/needs and technical inputs to the IPA
whenever required during IPA's preparation of Bidding Documents (BD),
Shopping Documents or Request for Proposals (RFP) for Consultants' Services.
5. Monitoring the procurement process carried out by the IPA.
6. During bidding process or preparation of proposals for consulting services,
respond to clarifications sought by the prospective bidders or consultants, on
procurement or technical inputs, if requested by the IPA.
7. During bid evaluation process or review of consultants' proposals, provide
technical inputs to the IPA, if requested.
8. To participate in finalization of contracts (or negotiations of contract, in case of
consultants' services) for the Project's signature (the Project will sign the contract
with the successful bidder or the selected consultant).
9. To manage the procurement filing/record system in the Project office in a
systematic and retrievable manner.
10. To provide guidance to involving Ministry staffs to enable them to successfully
carry out activities relating to procurement (i.e., preparation of technical
specifications, among others).
11. Coordinate with other units/ministries in DFGG where necessary.
12. Other tasks as may be assigned and/ or delegated by the Project Director.
Support for Procurement carried out by Project Coordination Office (PCO)
For the procurement to be done by PCO without the IPA, the consultant in
coordination with the relevant government staff is expected to exercise the following:
13. Assist PCO in identifying the procurement requirements and provide necessary
inputs for the overall procurement plan, including procurement to be done by PCO
and the IPA. The Procurement Plan will include contract packaging, cost
estimates & delivery time (of goods, works and consultant services), procurement
methods, WB prior/post review arrangements, and key procurement processing
dates until completion of each contract;
14. Prepare the project's necessary procurement documentation for goods and works
including the preparation of Invitation for Bid advertisements, bidding/Request for
Quotation documents, organizing and conducting bid openings, evaluation reports,
obtaining the necessary clearances (from the Procurement Review Committee
(PRC) and No Objection Letters from the IDA where required, arranging for the
contract signing, and distribution to appropriate authorities;
15. Prepare procurement documentation for consultant services including the
preparation of requests for Expressions of interest (EOI) advertisements,
evaluation of EOIs and shortlisting, liaising with technical teams on the
preparation of terms of reference, preparation of request for proposal documents,
proposal evaluations, preparation of draft contracts, obtaining the necessary
clearances from the PRC and the IDA where required, assisting in contract
negotiations, arranging for the contract signing, and distribution to appropriate
16. Ensure that all procurement is carried out in accordance with the agreed
procedures, including the Financing Agreement; the World Bank/IDA
Procurement and Consultants Guidelines; Government SOP and Procurement
Manual for Externally Assisted Program/Project, as applicable;
17. Monitor the timeliness of the procurement and delivery of goods, works, and
services in accordance with the approved Procurement Plan and the Project
Implementation Action Plan;
18. Ensure that an effective filing/record keeping system is established for the
procurement to be done by PCO. Maintain a contracts register with updated key
procurement information of all contracts procured under the Project.
19. Review the existing procurement system of the PCO, identifying gaps and
shortcoming, and recommending specific improvements for increasing efficiency,
transparency and accountability in the administration, management and
monitoring of the procurement within the Project to enable procurement to be
carried out effectively.
20. Develop and conduct a procurement training program for relevant government
staff of the departments under the PCO;

IV. Required Expertise and Qualifications

• At least Bachelor's degree in Business/Administration, Law, Civil Engineering, or other
relevant field.
• At least 3 years of procurement experience in carrying out public procurement of
goods, works and consultant services.
• Have demonstrated professional experience in donor financed projects in the areas of
procurement management. Experience on procurement with WB–financed projects is
given a preference.
• Familiarity with World Bank Procurement Procedures, Policy and Guidelines for
Consultants' Services, Goods and Civil Works.
• Familiarity with RGC's Standard Procurement Manual and Bidding Documents for
Externally financed Projects will be an advantage.
• Excellent computing skills (word processing and spreadsheets).
• Excellent skills in English language (oral, reading and writing).
• Ability to supervise and train staff.

V. Facilities to Be Provided by PCO

1. Access to all related reports and data required to undertake the assignment,
including access to files, paper or computer based, necessary for the efficient
conduct of the work.
2. Office accommodation in PCO and all necessary office equipment,
communication equipment, computer and software, photocopies, and office

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