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TOR Site Supervisor of Governance Learning and Resource Center Construction

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Ministry of Interior
Demand For Good Governance
Term of Reference (TOR)

Position Title: Site Supervisor of Governance Learning and Resource Center Construction
Classification: Lump sum based contract over 9 months
Location: Project Coordination Office (PCO), Ministry of Interior
Reports to: Project Manager and Project Director
Ref No: PCO/DFGG/11-NCS11


The DFGG Project is a response to the current RGC push for reform, and has been approved as a US$20 million-equivalent grant from the International Development Association (IDA). It will be implemented over a four-year period (2009-2013), under the general coordination of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) as the Executing Agency. Conceptually, 'Demand for good governance' (DFGG) aims to increase the extent and ability of citizens and other non-state actors (NSAs) to hold the state accountable, and to make it responsive to their needs. In turn, DFGG enhances the capacity of the state to become more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens.

The overall development objective of the DFGG Project aims to enhance demand for good governance in priority reform areas by strengthening institutions, promoting partnerships, and sharing lessons. This is to be achieved by supporting selected state institutions (SIs) engaged in DFGG through promotion, mediation, response, or monitoring functions; supporting non-state actors (NSAs) to develop DFGG programs in partnership with SIs or independently; and promoting learning, awareness raising, and capacity building on demand-side governance approaches in a broader context.

The DFGG project will therefore include the following components:

• Component 1: Support to State Institutions to strengthening and scaling-up of programs of (i) the Arbitration Council or AC (under the purview of the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training); (ii) the One Window Service Offices (OWSO) and District Ombudsman (under the NCDD Secretariat);
• Component 2: Support to Non-State Institutions to strengthen the engagement of civil society and NSAs in DFGG activities by providing grant funding and capacity building assistance to NSAs. The program is administered by the Asia Foundation.
• Component 3: Coordination and Learning. The MOI is responsible for overall project coordination of the DFGG Project; awareness raising; and capacity building for a broader range of institutions. The tasks is being implemented by the Project Coordination Office (PCO) which have three small units comprised with government and contract staff, supported by technical advisers: Project Coordination Unit: Functions, Learning and Communication Unit, And Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Part of the outputs under Component 3, there will be a construction of the Governance Learning and Resource Center-GLRC, which is a 4 storey building with approximately 1,000 m². While the construction work will be done by a competitively selected contractor, the PCO requires a Civil Engineer Consultant to carry out construction supervision ensuring that the specified construction quality and quantity is achieved within the agreed contract.


With constant consultation with the PCO management, the Civil Engineer Consultant will have overall responsibility for:

(a) Detailed site design and materials assessment, surveys and engineering design;
(b) Construction supervision;
(c) Monitoring and verification of outputs;
(d) Ensuring high quality construction is achieved and all work is carried out compliant to the design, technical specifications, and other contract conditions;


Implementation of priority works should start as soon as feasible upon the consultant mobilization. The Consultant's has 8 months to the proposed project cycle. To the extent possible, specific responsibilities of the Consultant are described below.

The Consultant would be responsible for construction supervision of the civil works under GRLC Construction, and would be designated as and required to act as the "Engineer" as defined in the construction contract documents. The Consultant responsibilities would include:

- Ensuring contractual establishment of contractors and provide detailed day-to-day supervision on sites including appropriate equipment, laboratories and other facilities for contractual work capacity and quality.
- Reviewing, verifying and monitoring as appropriate during the various stages of the contract the status and adequacy of all bonds ( of various kinds) and insurances, reporting on status, and advising on issues if any and appropriate remedial action as needed;
- Developing a format for a Monthly Construction Progress Report (MCPR) to monitor the physical and financial progress of the works. The PCO/DFGG and Consultants shall approve the MCPR format, and the Consultant shall train appropriate personnel how to prepare and submit the report;
- Preparing and submitting the MCPR reports of the contract. These reports would include, as a minimum, details of the physical and financial status, details of delays and the budgetary effect of particular problems with suggested solutions;
- Prepare and update implementation schedule and resource requirements (preferably in Microsoft Project Management);
- Participating in monthly meetings arranged and attended by the PCO/DFGG, and the construction contractor(s) to discuss progress of the contract package and other issues to be addressed. The Consultant shall prepare and submit meeting minutes for each monthly meeting;
- Preparing Final Engineering Reports, including review for accuracy the 'As Built' drawings prepared by the Contractor for all the works.
- During construction supervision the Consultant would provide the scope of activities as following;

o Providing such information as is necessary for the Contractor to set out the works and check that the setting out is correct;
o Reviewing and approving the Contractor's work proposals, including quality of materials and working drawings to the extent required by the contract, and advise modifications where necessary and approve these proposals;
o Reviewing and approving the Contractor's work program and, where necessary, request revisions of these to account for the current status of the works, ensure adherence to the construction schedule;
o Agreeing with the Contractor on systems of measurement for interim payment certificates and verify the quantities for such certificates,
o Making recommendations to the PCO/DFGG on the Contractor's claims for additional payment, extension of time and other matters, based on the Consultant's interpretation of the Contract documents, the relevant site conditions and the Contractor's detailed submissions;
o Preparing, in the event of variations to the works being required, the necessary documents, negotiate these with the Contractor and submit these to the DFGG for approval;
o Supervising through inspectors of works and other site staff as may be required, the day-to-day operations of the contractor to ensure quality of workmanship and compliance with the contract, including day-to-day monitoring of environmental compliance;
o Maintaining detailed daily diaries, photographs and documents concerning relevant events and activities, call and keep minutes of routine site meetings between the parties to the Contract;
o Carrying out final inspections of the works and recommend the issue of completion certificate;
o Checking the Contractor's final accounts and certify them correct for payment,
o Prepare completion reports in a form acceptable to PCO/DFGG;
o Providing any other specialized services as may be necessary and agreed upon.

- Identifying construction problems or delays and recommend to the Contractor actions to expedite progress if the Works fall behind schedule;
- Interpreting and applying various legal provisions of the contract documents, in particular with respect to claims from the Contractor for time extensions or extra payments, and in general with respect to the Contractor's observance and compliance with his contractual obligations;
- Supervising the Contractor in all matters concerning safety and care of the works (including the erection of temporary signs at roadworks) base on design standard and, if required, to request the Contractor to provide any necessary lights, guards, fencing, and watchmen;

V. Deliverables

Beside providing direct consultation and supervision services at the site and in the meetings, the Consultant shall prepare the following reports (in both Khmer in English, in hard and digital copies) in a format and manner acceptable to the PCO/DFGG. Reports would be prepared initially in draft, and finalized within 1 week following receipt of PCO/DFGG comments; these would generally be provided within one week of receipt of the draft report.

Inception Report: Two (2) weeks after start of the contract, the inception report should outline the key activities and schedule of the cervices in line with the GRLC construction contract and flag any foreseen issues related to the construction contract which need early attention of the DFGG/PCO management.

Monthly Progress Status Reports: for the consultant would summarize his/her actual services made over a monthly period included the progress of the GRLC construction. These reports should flag any issue arisen and need to be resolved it in a timely fashion.

Quarterly Project Management Reports: The consultant will provide a written section for the Quarterly report on the progress of the GRLC construction submitted every 3 months to highlight key progress and issues need the attention of the PCO/DFGG.

Final Completion Report: will be submitted immediately after completion of the Contract.
Progress and Quality Certification: The certification is important for PCO management to make decision in approving the payment for the construction. The number and frequency of the certification services will be depending on the payment schedule of the GRLC construction contract.

VI. Estimated Time Schedule

The activities covered by these consulting services are expected to be completed in 60 working days in the time span of eight (9) months, start from 1 July 2012 end at 30 March 2013.

VII. Qualifications
To be qualified for the position the candidate must meet to the minimums required qualifications as follows:

- A minimum Bachelor Degree in the field of civil engineering plus of strong architectural background
- Cambodian nationality;
- Good knowledge of government procedures related to project implementation.
- Experienced Engineer with accreditation from the Engineering Institution of Cambodia, as a Professional Engineer.
- Have at least ten years professional experience in civil construction, with a thorough understanding and experience with international "best practices", modern building design construction technology and contractual arrangements.
- Have demonstrated capability of organizing of materials testing, monitoring the mobilization of the testing equipment to ensure that the laboratories are adequately equipped and capable of performing all the specified testing requirements of the Construction.
- The duties of the Superintendent will include the issuing of decisions, certificates and orders as specified in detail in the construction contract documents.

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